Marketing 2.0

In class we learned about marketing 2.0.  I found this extremely interesting, as I have interned for a social media marketing company for the past two summers, and this is an industry I am interesting in having a career in.  First we discussed that because of the internet, it is now vital that we pay attention to the increasing availability and use of social media.  43% of social media is in the marketing department.  A company should have the goals of listening and ideally, engaging in conversations that are happening across all social media platforms. (How to use facebook and twitter as marketing tools)

Because social media media marketing is still a new concept that hasn’t been completely explored, companies are still making mistakes when it comes to their tactics of marketing.  These seven main mistakes are: 1. Poor management of expectations, 2. Errors in the establishment of objects, 3. Using social media as a sales channel, 4. Poor definition of the target, 5. Low business involvement, 6. Do not use the tone of language to the social media, and 7. Underestimating the resources required.  Although there are some brands who are doing it right, check out the top facebook brands below:

Corporate blogging is one aspect of social media marketing that we discussed, where corporations create a blog to reach a specific objective.  In a corporate blog people write as an official or semi-official worker or partner of the enterprise.  The author is absolutely connected with the organization and everyone can notice it.  But, there have been situations in the past where corporations have misused blogs, which in turn mislead their audience.  An example of this was in November of 2006 when Sony created a blog called, “All I want for Christmas is a PSP,” which was supposedly written by a guy named Charlie.  Someone soon discovered that the blog was registered on a domain property of Sony, and they were forced to admit and apologize.

Although social media is a new form of marketing, companies are willing to take the risks, because they are aware of the incredible benefits it may have.  Just the fact that 175,000 new blogs are registered everyday and 1.6 million posts are uploaded everyday, should be enough for a company to get their brand out there as well.


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