Over spring break I visited Amsterdam for the second time this semester.  This visit was a lot different from the first time, as it was about 50 degrees warmer.  Because of this, we spent most of our time there at Vondelpark, the biggest park in Amsterdam.  Because of the amazing weather, everyone was outside, spending time in the sun.  The park was packed with people everyday, so we explored a lot of it to find a prime place to hangout.

Another thing we did while in Amsterdam that I really enjoyed was the Van Gogh museum.  Van Gogh is an amazing artist, and it was really cool to see a lot of his works in person.  Van Gogh’s self portraits always interest me, and here are some I was able to see:

Some of Van Gogh’s famous sunflower paintings were also at the museum, here is a video the museum website offered about his works during this period:

The thing I love most about amsterdam was the biking culture.  The city is SO biker friendly, I have never seen so many bikes.  Every street has huge bike lanes, and it just seems like a better/easier mode of transportation around the city.


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