Politics 2.0

In class we discussed the concept of politics 2.0.  We first approached the concept by learning about the differences between how spanish and american political campaigns.  On Spanish television, politicians are allowed a specific amount of time, that is regulated by law.  On US television, politicians are able to buy as many minutes as they need.  In terms of the internet, Spanish politicians are just starting to use it and see the benefits of it, but in the US, politicians are not just using the internet to collect money, but also as a space for advertising.  Another major difference between spanish and american politics, is professionalism.  Spanish campaigns are basically done completely by members of each political party, where in American campaigns, 80% of the people working on a campaign are professionals from enterprises specializing in this kind of work.  I think the most major difference, is that Spanish political campaigns use much less money than Americans, who have proved that for a good and successful campaign in the US, it requires a lot of money.

A great campaign to use as a successful example in politics 2.0 is Obama’s.

What we learned from Obama’s campaign:

1. Micro Politics – the future of politics has to be addressed to individuals, maybe groups but not the whole society

2. Politics out of politics – Obama understood too that an important part of the political speech is not developed in political forums, but through many of types of publics forums, mostly on the internet, allowing him to speak to the users and listen to them.  His most successful forum was through facebook.

3. I am addressing to you – Obama transfered the responsibility of his victory to his voters.

4. Paying attention to details – Obama had the best designed webpage, and well thought out speeches using poetry

5. NEVER FORGET POLITICS 1.0 – both are necessary



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