Catalan News Agency

Last week my Journalism 2.0 class visited Catalan News Agency and met with the editor and chief.  He explained how the news agency worked, and why it is important for there to be a specific news agency to Catalunya.  The Catalan News Agency (CNA)  is part of the Agencia Catalana de Noticies (ACN), and is a public corporation owned by the Catalan government.  It functions as a digital newspaper, reporting on the top news happening each day affecting Catalonia.  Their website offers news, texts, videos, photographs, and sound bites on demand, with many new and important articles published everyday.  The website is divided into 6 main topics, Politics, Business, Society & Science, Life & Style, Culture, and Sports.

Catalan News Agency also has an opinion blog which I found quite interesting.  It is an independent and plural tribune where important voices are able to express their opinion in public forum.  CNA also has a newsletter which is sent out to subscribers every 2 weeks.

Two important features of the Catalan News Agency website are the Most Popular and Latest News tabs.  The current top two news articles are The Mediterranean Rail Corridor will be a reality in 2020 and SEAT Plant in Barcelona to Hire 900 workers to produce the new Audi Q3. Both articles contain both text and images to provide information to the reader.  The two most recent articles published on the website are currently, Barack Obama competes with Catalan town Vilassar de Mar in Twitter´s ´shorty awards´ and FC Barcelona and UNESCO against racial descrimination.

Here is an example from the Catalan News Agency Opinion Blog, where John Amoros, FERRMED secretary general discusses one of their top articles at the moment, The Mediterranean Rail Corridor.

Overall, I found this trip to the Catalan News Agency very interesting.  I really enjoyed seeing the work environment of an online news agency, and talking to the editor about how it started, how it is run, and what his hopes are for the future.


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