Media Convergence and Multimedia Storytelling

Media Convergence is the merging of mass communication, such as print, television, radio, internet, etc.  Media convergence is an ongoing process, occurring at various intersections of media technologies, industries, content and audiences; it is not an end state.  There are five media convergence processes:

1. Technological – The digitalization of all media content

2. Economic – The horizontal integration of the entertainment industry

3. Social – Consumer’s multitasking strategies for navigating the new information environment

4. Cultural – The explosion of new forms of creativity at the intersections of various media technologies, industries and consumers

5. Global – the cultural hybridity that results from the international circulation of media content

A multimedia story is a combination of text, pictures, video clips, audio, graphics and interactivity presented on a website in a nonlinear format in which the information in each medium is complementary, not redundant.

Online and multimedia story telling from the 2010 Pulitzer Prize

Ian Fisher: American Soldier

This example of an online multimedia story uses multiple elements, such as photography, video, and writing.


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