Last weekend I went to Sevilla with my three roommates.  I really did not have any expectations, as I did not know much about the city, but everyone I spoke to about the city raved about how great of a place it was.  When we arrived, the first thing I noticed was the sun, it was a lot warmer than Barcelona!  The first place we visited in Sevilla was Alcazar.  Just from the walk from our hostel to the gardens of Alcazar I was already impressed with the city.  It was much smaller than Barcelona, and the buildings almost looked fake.  Alcazar is a royal palace in Seville, originally a Moorish fort.  The best part of Alcazar was the beautiful gardens that surrounded it and the incredible tile work used all over the buildings.

Another site in Seville that had amazing tile work was at Plaza de Espana.  This was probably my favorite place in Seville just because of its overall aesthetics.  The building even had a little moat around it, where people could rent boats.

While in Seville we took a walking tour of the city.  It was really interesting to learn about the city, and my favorite story was about the orange trees that are all over the streets in Seville.  Technically these trees are property of the king because they are on his land, meaning that every orange belongs to him, so eating them is like stealing from the king, which is illegal.  Also, for oranges to be good the trees must be fertilized and watered regularly, which they are not.  These oranges trees are surviving naturally off of other things, so luckily I did not eat one!


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