It has been three weeks since I arrived in Barcelona.  Having been here twice before, I thought I knew a little of what to expect, but my experience so far has been dramatically different than the weekend trips I had experienced before.  Immediately, from the drive from the airport to my hotel, all I noticed was the amazing architecture.  Los Angeles does not have the age and beauty of this city when it comes to the architectural aspect.  Almost every building here is so intricate no matter what they are used for, just walking aimlessly around the city you are guaranteed to see something incredible.  It first hit me that I would really be living here when we finally  moved into our apartment.

The first major thing I have noticed about the spanish culture, is their concept of time.  Last semester I was living in London, where everything was very fast paced.  People were constantly moving, and rushing around the city.  Barcelona, is very different.  People walk and talk in a much more casual and relaxed way.  It is obvious when you go out to eat that the people take advantage of their time off from work or whatever it may be.  Waiters don’t rush you to eat and pay as they do in America, giving you an opportunity to sit and take your time to eat and socialize.  On that subject, another major difference here in Spain, is the food.  At first we found it difficult to just walk around and actually find a restaurant that we enjoyed the food at.  Now that we have gotten to know the area better I have been able to enjoy some traditional Spanish food such as paella and different tapas.  I think I could eat patatas ali oli everyday.


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